How could Nextship be useful for my company?
Nextship is an operational collector and organiser which gathers all of your delivery choices in a unique dedicated platform. The sum of all the offered processes enables you to reduce delivery selection, comparison, productions and monitoring costs, proportionally to the traffic produced.

How can Nextship make me save on freight charges?
Nextship immediately displays the price and service difference for the selected carriers, showing all the results obtained, starting from the cheapest and fastest one. This attention on your delivery choices determines a considerable cost reduction, which can be spotted straight away in the first months.

How can Nextship reduce deliveries production costs?
This software can considerably reduce production times, and the subsequent costs, first of all by unifying activities that needed different tools before, like carriers owned websites, call centres, price lists.

Is it possible to contain delivery costs even further?
The system lets you display and extrapolate all the operational and administrative parameters of all deliveries, divided by operator and destination; the analysis of this information, especially including the outcome of the carriers invoices check, projects a realistic picture of the actual costs paid, and enables you to present to the carriers representatives a truthful and self-produced situation, increasing your negotiation power.

Is it going to take a lot of time to implement Nextship in my organisation?
About a week, the time needed to enter the parameters of the selected suppliers and their pricing conditions. Half a day of training is enough to master most of the available functions. On top of it, learning to use the platform is really easy! You can immediately access a dedicated and personal filing system, user, or a general one, admin, depending on the functions covered by every operator inside the company. This definition allows to maintain continuity on your choice or in the supply even during absences, for example for holidays or sick leave, of the dedicated staff.